About Cease Fire Columbus

Ceasefire is defined as a truce, a temporary stoppage of a war in which each side agrees with the other to suspend aggressive actions. Ceasefires may be declared as part of a formal treaty, but they have also been called as part of an informal understanding between opposing forces.

Faith based leadership, mothers of slain youth and concerned citizens of the city of Columbus are out raged and taking action against the gun violence in the streets of Columbus.

Ceasefire Columbus is an aggressive and passionate group of community leaders, activist and church clergy who want to send a clear message to the City of Columbus’ youth. Simply, WE CARE. We care about their lives, we care about their future and we care to teach them something different and resolve their issues with no bloodshed.

Travelers’ Community Development Corporation has adopted the Ceasefire campaign to stop the shootings in the city of Columbus. Ceasefire relies on outreach workers, faith leaders, and other community leaders to intervene in conflicts, or potential conflicts, and promote alternatives to violence. Ceasefire also involves cooperation with police and it depends heavily on a strong public education campaign to instill in people the message that shootings and violence are not acceptable. Finally, it calls for the strengthening of communities so they have the capacity to exercise informal social control and respond to issues that affect them.

The mission of the Travelers’ Community Development Corporation is to: a) work with community and government partners to reduce violence in all forms; and, b) help design interventions required to better define what should be included in a community or city anti-violence plan.

We will:

  • Open the Conversation
  • Opt for Conflict Resolution
  • Optimize Conscientious Choices